Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (FDA-2)

Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (FDA-2)

Second Edition


· Ages: 12 years to adult

· Testing Time: 20 minutes

· Administration: Individual


The second edition of Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment (FDA-2) includes new powerful knowledge about motor speech disorders and their contribution to neurological diagnosis. This updated edition remains a well-established test for the measurement, differential description, and diagnosis of dysarthria. It can be used in international research, as well as all clinical settings. Norms are provided for ages 12 to 97.


FDA-2 is quick and simple to administer, accurate, reliable, and cost-efficient. The client is rated on a number of simple performance tasks related to speech function. It is divided into eight sections:


·   Reflexes — Ratings for cough, swallow, and dribble/drool

·   Respiration — Ratings at rest and in speech

·   Lips — Ratings for at rest, spread, seal, alternate, and in speech

·   Palate — Ratings for fluids, maintenance, and in speech

·   Laryngeal — Ratings for time, pitch, volume, and in speech

·   Tongue — Ratings for at rest, protrusion, elevation, lateral, alternate, an in speech

·   Intelligibility — Ratings for words, sentences, and conversation

·   Influencing Factors — Includes hearing, sight, teeth, language, mood, posture, rate (words per minute), and sensation


The test results can be recorded on the FDA-2 Rating Form, indicating both the client’s strengths and weaknesses. The Rating Form also allows the clinician to compare the patient’s performance across all the items. Normative data are reported for adults without dysarthria as well as patients with specific dysarthria associated with confirmed medical diagnoses. Separate tables enable speech therapists to compare individual results with those of known dysarthric groups. The results are easily communicated to other professionals via the three-part carbonised record form.


COMPLETE FDA-2 KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, 25 Rating Forms, and Intelligibility Cards, all in an organized folder. (©2008)


12685...FDA-2 Complete Kit      
12686...FDA-2 Examiner’s Manual
12687...FDA-2 Rating Forms (25)  
12688...FDA-2 Intelligibility Cards  

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