Functional Communication Profile - Revised - (FCP-R)

Larry I. Kleiman

Ages: 3 through adult

Testing Time: 45-90 minutes (varies due to client variables)

Administration: Individual


  • Evaluate and systematically manage clients with developmental disabilities and acquired delays.
  • Determine communication abilities, mode of communication, and degree of independence.
  • Use direct observation, teacher and family reports, and one-on-one testing.



Rate individuals in verbal and nonverbal communication skills and related aspects.

·  Sensory/Motor—auditory, visual, gross– and fine-motor skills; behaviour; and more

·  Attentiveness—attention span, response levels, and more

·  Receptive Language—comprehension of language, interest in pictures and objects, and more

·  Expressive Language—verbal and nonverbal communication, cause and effect, and more

·  Pragmatic/Social Language—communicative intent, questioning skills, and more

·  Speech—intelligibility, sounds produced and more

·  Voice—loudness

·  Oral—drooling, tongue thrust, and swallowing and diet

·  Fluency—fluency, rate of speech, and rhythm and intonation

·  Non-Oral Communication—use of sign language, yes/no, two dimensional expression, fine-motor abilities, and more


Complete test comprises : Examiner’s Manual and 15 profile forms.


34040...Functional Communication Profile Revised Test

34041...Functional Communication Profile—Profile Forms (15)


Also available

36400...Functional Communication Profile Reporting Software

·  Fill out the FCP-R form on your computer

·  Save an unlimited number of profiles

·  Windows 2000 and up

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