Functional Memory Manual

Memory deficits may be the biggest single barrier to independent living, socialization, and home and family life. This interdisciplinary approach to building functional memory skills emphasizes the use of internal and external strategies to improve recall. You'll even have an appendix with carryover suggestions for family members. Features:

  • A comprehensive review of memory from a transdisciplinary perspective addresses everything from medication effects and anatomical correlates of memory loss to stimulation therapy and compensatory strategies.
  • You won't find anything like the exercises for attention in other clinical manuals. Various exercises of increasing difficulty address sustained, selective, alternating, and divided attention.
  • The auditory recall exercises animate clients' interest with sections on sports, history, health, and fiction.
  • Visual recall activities revolve around such functional skills as reading calendars, catalogs, and maps.
  • Sequential recall is targeted in stories and functional memory assignments.
  • These exercises also involve a planning component, such as planning a trip or going shopping.

Help your clients at all levels of functioning regain a sense of independence and empowerment with a brand new tool.

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