Functional Vocabulary for Adolescents and Adults

Functional Vocabulary for Adolescents and Adults

The lessons in Functional Vocabulary for Adolescents & Adults work through a series of receptive and expressive language tasks to enhance communication skills in young adults with developmental disabilities.  Tap all learning modalities through:


  • Pictures providing important visual cues for the tasks.
  • The flexible format allowing you to start with the items at the level that's best for your students or choose the theme that fits what is happening in your student's life.
  • Well-organized structure of tasks in each lesson:
    • Point to the correct picture in response to your question
           Show me the soap.
           What do you dry off with?
    • Complete matching, listening, and visual memory tasks with the picture cards provided for each lesson
    • Imitate words and sentences and complete simple sentences
           I see a washcloth.
      I use a ____.
    • Name, describe, and answer questions about each item
           Describe how you shave.
           Name six grooming items.
    • Answer critical thinking and problem solving questions related to real-life situations
           Why do you wash your hands before eating?
           How do you know if you need to shave?


Lesson themes include 86 topics such as:


Home—grooming, hair care, clothing, laundry, and food groups


Community—apartment, city bus, bank/ATM, restaurant, and grocery store


Work—job choices, getting a job, baker/helper, laundry worker, and stock clerk


Leisure—baseball, soccer, board games, dance, and movie theatre



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179 pages, reproducible pictures



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