German for Singers: A Textbook of Diction and Phonetics - Third Edition

Odom, Schollum and Balsam Curren
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William Odom, Benno Schollum, Christina Balsam Curren

Details: 255 pages, B&W, Softcover, 8" x 10"

ISBN13: 978-1-63550-424-8

Publication Date: 23/10/2023

Now published by Plural!


German for Singers: A Textbook of Diction and Phonetics, Third Edition maintains the clear and comprehensive approach that has made it the standard for German lyric diction instruction for more than 40 years. German language professor William Odom, professor and professional singer Benno Schollum, and professor and vocal coach Christina Balsam Curren have crafted a systematic introduction infused with their decades of experience teaching and singing in German. This classic text has been improved and updated to reflect current International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) usage, with new exercises, practical translations of all excerpts and song texts, and expanded audio resources on the PluralPlus companion website.

Both detailed and concise, the textbook is designed to give students a thorough overview of German lyric diction in one semester. The chapters flow in an organized and logical progression that guides students toward mastery. Difficult sounds are presented first so that students may receive adequate time to practice them as the complexity of the corresponding exercises increases. Appendices include pronunciation charts and additional song texts.

Organized to promote a systematic acquisition of German sounds and symbols, German for Singers also serves as a thorough reference manual for the singer, coach, or teacher. The updates to the third edition ensure that this foundational text will inspire the next generation of German lyric artists and teachers.

Key Features

  • An introduction to phonetics
  • Guidance on transcription for singers
  • Integrated exercises
  • Consonant and vowel charts for English and German
  • A selection of recommended song texts

New to the Third Edition

  • Updated IPA symbols
  • Revised exercises and added examples
  • Practical translations of song texts
  • Additional audio tracks on the companion website
  • For instructors, transcriptions of all exercises

PluralPlus Online Ancillary Materials

  • For instructors: PowerPoint slides, Transcriptions of All Exercises
  • For students: Audio files, Answers to Student Exercises, Additional IPA Exercises based on complete song texts