Hallie's Comet

Hallie's Comet

A Comparing and Categorizing Game

Lauri Whiskeyman and Barb Truman 

· Ages: 5-10 years
· Grades: K-5th 

This game is out of this world! Students travel with Hallie on her path through space as they practice comparing, contrasting and categoris-ing skills. Players will improve their vocabulary and general language skills too. The stimulus items are taken from the curriculum and every-day life. Questions on the cards are in this order of difficulty: telling differences, telling similarities, and then naming items in a category. Card decks are organised into these areas:

  •  animals                                 ●      clothing and accessories
  •  household items                        ● school/curricular items
  •  food
  •  potpourri, including occupations, transportation, places and sports/ leisure


Components: colourful game board, 200 game cards, 6 pawns, die, game instructions (2003) 

07422...Hallie's Comet 

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