Written in the best-selling format of the HELP series, these lessons are known for their:

  • high quality, timeless content
  • appeal to a broad age-range
  • application to a wide scope of developmental and acquired language disorders
  • goal-driven activities
  • gradual increase in complexity within and between activities

Clients learn to:

  • discriminate auditory differences at sound, word, and sentence levels
  • process and comprehend a variety of verbal information
  • manipulate language and apply language-based concepts to new situations
  • recall progressively longer units of auditory information

The activities develop auditory and language processing in four general areas:

Auditory Discrimination

  • discriminate minimal pairs; sounds in words; word endings; and similar phonemes
  • identify and generate rhyming words
  • identify incorrect words in context

Question Comprehension

  • can, do/does, if, and yes/no questions
  • quantity/comparison questions
  • some/all questions
  • true/false and always/sometimes/never statements
  • simple question response requirements to accommodate clients with deficits in verbal expression


  • if/then statements
  • situational associations
  • comparison of characteristics
  • detect nonsense in sentences
  • associate objects and functions
  • analogies and word relationships

Auditory Memory

  • recognize numbers and words in a pattern
  • recall facts in sentences
  • recall sequences of digits, words, and directions
  • recall information in paragraphs

You may purchase HELP 1 individually or as part of a 5-Book Set.  The 5-Book Set consists of:

HELP 1 Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

HELP 2 Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

HELP 3 Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

HELP 4 Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing

HELP 5 Handbook of Exercises for Language Processing


Copyright © 1987


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HELP® 1 - Book