HELP® for Articulation

HELP® for Articulation

Ages 8-Adult

Stimulus items are organized by place and type of production within eight broad phonemic groupings:

  • p, b, m
  • k, g, ng, y
  • f, v, h, w, wh
  • t, d, n, l, and l-blends (bl, fl, gl, kl, pl)
  • s, z, and s-blends (ski, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw)
  • sh, ch, zh, and j
  • voiceless th and voiced th
  • r and r-blends (br, dr, fr, gr, kr, pr, tr, skr, spr, str, thr)

The stimuli are organized in units divisible by ten for easy calculation of progress.  
The materials included for each phoneme group are:   

  • word lists of single syllable and multisyllable words with the target phoneme in all word positions 
  • phrase and sentence lists with the target phoneme in all word positions 
  • grids of 20 pictures with the target phoneme in all positions of words
  • questions to prompt clients to use the target phoneme in their response
  • paragraphs loaded with the target phoneme to read aloud or paraphrase
  • picture scenes loaded with target phonemes for naming and story telling 


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