HELP for Memory

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Teach skills that support memory such as identifying relevant information and organizing information, then progress to practical memory strategies that help clients function in daily living, including the classroom.


  • Use memory strategies in daily life
  • Develop memory support skills such as attention and association
  • goal-driven activities
  • appeal to a broad age-range
  • gradual increase in complexity within and between activities
  • application to a wide range of developmental and acquired memory disorders

The lessons begin with the systematic development of a range of discrete, supportive skills that facilitate memory.  Then, clients learn and practice a variety of memory strategies.  The memory strategies are simple enough that clients can master several of them and develop a functional repertoire of memory aids.

The lessons are organized into these units:

Selecting Information
Clients learn to zero in on the most important information rather than trying to process and recall everything in a statement or message.  Activities consist of recalling specific words; identifying key elements and irrelevant elements in sentences, messages, and paragraphs; and prioritizing information to remember.

Coding and Grouping Items for Recall
Clients learn to organize incoming information so they can retrieve it efficiently.  They associate items by pairs, categorize items, and group.

Using Aids to Remember
This section teaches a variety of practical memory aids for organizing and recalling different types of information.  Strategies include chunking information, using acronyms, word lists, rhymes, catch phrases, and visual imagery.  There are school related strategies such as note taking and the use of outlines, time lines, mapping, and webbing techniques.

Applying Memory Techniques
Clients practice using memory strategies in daily activities such as filling out forms, following directions, paraphrasing messages, and recalling information from picture scenes.

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