HELP® for Vocabulary Book

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HELP® for Vocabulary Book Ages: 8-Adult Grades: 3-Adult

Written in the best-selling format of the HELP series, these vocabulary activities have:

  • expansive, timeless content
  • appeal to a broad age-range
  • goal-driven activities
  • a gradual increase in complexity within and between activities
  • application to a wide range of developmental and acquired language disorders

Strengthen core vocabulary and expand vocabulary with a variety of learning formats.  Clients develop word flexibility and learn strategies that help them learn new vocabulary efficiently.  The activities cover four skills areas:

Developing Basic Vocabulary 
Clients complete sentences and identify words by descriptions and definitions.  Word difficulty ranges from simple vocabulary (e.g., barber, giraffe, and hospital) to higher-level vocabulary (e.g., pediatrician, porcupine, and aquarium).  Clients supply verbs, adjectives, and adverbs from definitions.  More lessons target word associations and antonyms and synonyms.

Defining Words 
Clients define words in a variety of ways: by category, function, form, place, and components.  They learn to use root word, prefixes, and suffixes to define words.

Applying Vocabulary Skills 
Clients use words in various contexts as they choose words to complete sentences, change the meaning of sentences, and complete paragraphs.  They make judgments about word choices in sentences and use words to "paint" a picture.  Activities also target synonyms and alliterative phrases.

Curriculum Vocabulary 
Learn vocabulary for following directions, mathematics, English, science, geography, history, and the arts.

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