Here's How to do Early Intervention for Speech and Language:

Here's How to Do Early Intervention for Speech and Language: Empowering Parents is an essential guide to early intervention for treatment of autism and related disorders. In clear, direct language, it helps early interventionists jump-start the communication process, strengthen parent confidence, and promote healthier parent-child relationships. It provides key strategies for collaborating with parents in stress, as well as how to foster effective relationships with allied professionals. With its far-reaching scope, this book provides foundational activities useful to non-SLPs working with caregivers, including infant education and mental health programs, applied behavioral analysis (ABA) agencies, and students working toward earning their BCBA licenses.
This how-to resource provides specific techniques and guidelines designed to:

  • Help therapists provide specific guidelines for parents new to early intervention
  • Explore how parent-child interaction is impacted by a delay or disorder in communication skills
  • Review the grieving process and how it relates to parents of children with developmental delays and disorders, including autism
  • Review and blend developmental and behavioral theories as applicable to early intervention
  • Discuss the application of evidenced based practices into everyday treatment
  • Develop parental sense of competency by building effective interaction
  • Provide specific strategies for parents and therapists to develop functional communication through direct and indirect play, gestures, modified signs, and sound imitation
  • Review effective data tracking and methods of recording progress
  • Help therapists work with families as they transition out of the early intervention system
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