How to Improve Classroom Behaviour - Complete Series

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How to Improve Classroom Behaviour Complete Set

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Nothing is more frustrating to teachers than not being able to control their classrooms. The problems that teachers encounter range from minor, annoying problems (such as talk outs and out-of-seat behavior) to more serious problems (such as physical aggression toward other students and teachers). Even though much has been written on these topics, teachers often have difficulty locating relevant information to solve problems. This series is unique in that each book describes a particular problem and then provides teachers with specific, easy-to-apply steps that can be used to modify problem behaviors constructively. The format of the books is easy to read and interactive. After reading each book, teachers will have a good idea of how to solve common classroom problems and create an atmosphere that is productive and conducive to learning.


  1. How to Help Students Remain Seated
  2. How to Help Students Complete Classwork and Homework Assignments
  3. How to Deal Effectively with Lying, Stealing, and Cheating
  4. How to Prevent and Safely Manage Physical Aggression and Property Destruction
  5. How to Help Students Play and Work Together
  6. How to Deal with Students Who Challenge and Defy Authority
  7. How to Deal Effectively with Whining and Tantrum Behaviors
  8. How to Help Students Follow Directions, Pay Attention, and Stay On Task
  9. How to Deal Effectively with Inappropriate Talking and Noisemaking
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