Informal Assessments for Transition: Postsecondary Education and Training

Informal Assessments for Transition:  Postsecondary Education and Training


Use these valuable informal assessments to help determine your students’ and clients’ preferences for postsecondary training, the fit with particular types of institutions, and the need for accommodations and modifications. Obtain critical planning data in these areas:


•  The Big Picture: Getting My Future in Focus

•  Self-Determination: Understanding and Evaluating Myself

•  Planning for Postsecondary Education and Training: Preparing for My Future

•  Academic Skills and Support Needs: Getting the Supports I Need

•  Nonacademic Support Needs: Examining the Other Parts of My Life


Reproducible and practical, these easy-to-use tools can be used with students, parents, and teachers.


8.5 x 11 • ©2008 • 139 pages • softcover

12479...Informal Assessments for Transition: Postsecondary Education and Training


12477...Informal Assessments for Transition Series Combo Kit

(includes Employment & Career Planning, Independent Living  & Community Participation, and Postsecondary Education &  Training)

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