Informal Assessments in Transition Planning

Informal Assessments in Transition Planning

Informal Assesments for Transition Planning, Second Edition is an assessment resource that school-based personnel can use to determine or confirm Transition strengths, preferences,Interests, and needs for appropriate Transition planning in the IEP. This resource can be used as a way to extend and/or confirm information derived from the Transition Planning Inventory–Second Edition (TPI-2) or as a stand-alone material to do initial probes of strengths, preferences, interests, and needs that will engage students and parents in the process of self-assessment and planning for their IEP meetings.

Informal Assessments for Transition Planning, Second Edition is a highly practical and useful resource in the IEP Transition planning process:

  • obtaining and confirming assessment information
  • establishing some basic estimates of present level of functional achievement
  • providing a set of motivating and engaging activities for classroom or home
  • documenting students’ strengths, preferences, interests, and needs

This second edition reflects revisions in the Comprehensive Inventory of Transition Needs (Level 2) to complement new and revised items on the Transition Planning Inventory–Second Edition (TPI-2) and an expansion and reorganization of the Selected Informal Assessments (Level 3), ensuring at least one informal assessment related to all items of the TPI-2.

Most important features include:

  • 10-15 sub-competencies for each of the 57 items of the TPI-2, provide 57 mini-assessments of key knowledge and skill competencies for following up on initial TPI-2 item assessments.
  • Over 800 sub-competencies listed across 11 Transition planning domains that guide further assessment and targeted competencies for instruction
  • Each of the 52 selected Informal Assessments includes teacher instructions for administering, adapting, and/or interpreting each instrument and an estimated reading level.
  • Informal Assessments may be photocopied and used with students or parents.
  • All instruments are provided as reproducible PDFs on CD-ROM.

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: CD-ROM and 167-page book.

167 pages • 8.5" x 11" • softcover • ©2013 • previous edition 9009