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TalkTools® Itsy Cup™
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Introducing the Itsy™ Collection!


The latest evolution in the Self-Feeding Revolution!

Self-feeding is an essential milestone in human development. Children learning to feed themselves are learning to master independence, fine motor skills, sensory regulation and food exploration skills. Having appropriate utensils and tools can help with the transition from caregiver-led feeding to self-feeding. TalkTools® is known across the globe for tools, training and techniques developed and tested by speech and feeding professionals that provide evidence-based, next-day solutions for therapists and the families they serve. The Itsy™ Collection is no different. It is an inclusive feeding set inspired by TalkTools® founder, Sara Rosenfeld Johnson, and designed and tested by speech-language pathologist-occupational therapist teams and their clients. It is the most comprehensive feeding platform for promoting self-feeding, including babies who may have challenges with transitioning to self-feeding (i.e., sensory processing, neurological, physical or developmental differences).

Helping your child progress from breast/bottle to independent drinking is an important developmental milestone. The TalkTools® Itsy™ Cup is an all-in-one cup that allows transition from caregiver-led drinking to self-directed straw drinking to independent open-cup drinking. This set is perfect for practicing oral motor skills with the cup and getting your child to drink on their own.

Benefits and Features

The Itsy™ Cup includes 4 separate components: cup, lid, straw and flange, which allows assembly to be customized to meet a child's drinking skills and needs.


  • Design includes regulating the child’s first sips
  • Dual handles encourage bilateral coordination and stability
  • 5 oz. liquid capacity with 1-oz volume lines

Sloped Lid

  • Supports open-cup style drinking with minimal spills
  • The ergonomically designed angled opening allows for easy drinking without excessive neck extension.
  • Curves channel liquid into the mouth, limiting spills


  • Dual straw ends for straw drinking progression
  • Grooves on one end ("ruffles") provide additional sensory input if needed
  • Shorter straw length facilitates self-drinking


  • Acts as lip block if needed
  • Reduces spills and enables liquid pumping

Product Specifications

  • No BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalates, or other potentially harmful toxins.
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe.
  • Helps prevent food odors or flavors from sticking.
  • Durable for long-lasting use.
  • Performs best between 32° - 212° F (0° - 100° C).
  • Made entirely out of LFGB Platinum grade silicone, exceeding FDA standard
  • Patent Pending


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