Just for Adults: Photo Cards

360 large-size cards featuring high-quality, realistic photos and stimuli on the back.

The photos show people of all ages engaged in everyday activities as well as some photos of everyday environs. The cards are divided into five sections:

  • Problem Solving: Photos depict 112 dangerous situations or safety issues, such as stopping on the highway and leaving shoes in a hallway. Five stimulus items on the back of each card ask the client to identify the problem; tell why it is a problem; and use flexibility in thinking, predicting, and reasoning to further discuss the problem or safety issue.
  • Abstract Reasoning – Comparing/Contrasting: 60 cards give the client practice comparing and contrasting objects and human traits. Six stimulus items on the back of each card ask the client to name similarities and differences, state the category, add to the category, and answer generalization questions about the items.
  • Abstract Reasoning – Making Inferences: 30 cards require the client to make correct inferences and predictions about the photos.
  • Abstract Reasoning – Odd One Out: 30 cards have four photos each on them. Five stimulus items on the back of each card help the client determine which photo doesn't belong and explain why.
  • Sequencing: 128 photos are divided into 17 four-step and 10 six-step functional sequences familiar to everyday life. Six stimulus items are presented on the back of the first card in each set.

The cards are adaptable to many therapy needs. Use them to spark discussion, strengthen conversational skills, and develop cognitive skills.

INCLUDES: 360 5" x 7" double-sided, coated, picture/stimuli cards, and 7 instruction cards, all in a sturdy storage box. ©2010