Just for Kids: Basic Concepts

Just for Kids

This book uses experiential learning in the tradition of the Just for Kids Series.  Creative, goal-directed activities including table top and play-based interaction, are supplemented with teaching materials from the book.

Thirteen units target concepts of:

  • position—e.g., in, out, on, off, over, under, above, below, and more
  • time—e.g., before, after, always, sometimes, never
  • quantity—e.g., all, every, some, none, whole, part, half
  • comparisons—e.g., same, alike, different, long, short, tall, and more

Each unit consists of:  

Pre/posttest—The child answers questions about a picture scene.  Correct and incorrect answers reflect mastery of the concepts in the unit.

Family letter—A teaching tool as well as an informative letter, this reproducible page introduces the target concepts, illustrates them in a picture, and has samples of how to use the concepts in everyday situations.    

Activities—Fun, interactive experiences are suggested.  The materials consist of reproducible picture cards and common objects.  Each unit includes ideas for targeting the concepts in literacy activities.

Picture cards—Each lesson has 18 picture cards that depict the targeted concept words.

Recipe or craft—Children get lots of practice understanding and expressing the concepts while making yummy snacks and completing simple craft activities.

Worksheet—Practice with a worksheet format prepares children for using the concepts in the classroom.

Sequence story—Practice the targeted concepts in structured or spontaneous conversations with four-part, illustrated stories. 

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177 pages, pretest/posttest