Just for Me! Grammar

Just for Me! Grammar

Ages 3-6 years

Children learn oral grammar skills with creative lessons that can be completed in one therapy session.  Simple instructions and minimal preparation time make it easy to provide lessons that fit the learning styles of preschoolers.  The activities include:

  • Motion Machines and Time Machines with picture wheels that form simple sentences using a combination of words and pictures (e.g., is verb+ing and past tense verbs)
  • Sliding Picture Strips (e.g., prepositions)
  • Finding Hidden Pictures
  • Poster Puzzles
  • Finish the picture
  • Match pictures to the grammar form (e.g., The spider is drinking.  The children are skipping.)
  • Games
  • Cut, color, and tape/glue activities
  • Fold/flip and lift the flap activities

Target these skill areas:

  • Regular and Irregular Plurals (e.g., tables, bubbles, feet, children)
  • Pronouns (I, she, he, it, and they)
  • Present Tense Verbs (e.g., Dad runs.  Lucy sleeps.)
  • Present Progressive Verbs (e.g., is waving, are skipping)
  • Past Tense Verbs (e.g., sat, slept, played)
  • Past Progressive Verbs (e.g., was laughing, were jumping)
  • Future Tense Verbs (e.g., will bark, will melt)
  • Possessive Pronouns (my, his, her, their, and its)
  • Possessive Nouns (e.g., Daniel's, bear's)
  • Adjectives (e.g., long/short, big/little, taller)
  • Prepositions (e.g., under, between, after)
  • Who, What, Where (e.g., Who looks scared?  What is the monkey holding?)

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