Just for Me! Vocabulary

Just for Me! Vocabulary

Ages 3-6 years

These activities can function as some of the first "worksheets" young learners encounter.  The uncomplicated illustrations and simple instructions help them transition to the types of activities they'll find in the classroom.  Each 19-page unit:

  • has an introduction with target vocabulary words and pictured directions for some of the activities
  • targets six core vocabulary words and reinforces 50 to 100 semantically-related vocabulary words
  • begins with a poem that introduces the vocabulary words
  • has 14-16 hands-on activity pages
  • has flash cards that present the core vocabulary in picture and word form

Activities in each unit develop these essential semantic skills:

  • associations
  • categorization
  • antonyms
  • comparisons
  • attributes/describing words

The lessons are organized in six theme-related units:

  • Fish Pond—words like boat, bubble, fish, pond, and more
  • In the Yard—words such as bug, gate, squirrel, and more
  • Honk, Zoom, Beep!—vocabulary includes bike, car, road, and more
  • Monsters—words like fur, roar, play, and more
  • Animals—vocabulary such as bird, elephant, penguin, and more
  • Otto & His Friends—words such as boy, jump, pets, and more

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148 pages, reproducible activities