Lidcombe Program for Early Stuttering Intervention: A Clinician's Guide


A reference text for clinicians, this manual provides detailed information on the Lidcombe Program, an evidence-based, clinician-guided, parent-conducted, behavioral treatment program for stuttering designed for children younger than 6 years. This program is carried out in the child's everyday environment, and is conducted in two stages. In Stage One, the parent conducts the treatment each day and the parent and child attend the speech clinic once a week. The aim of Stage Two is to maintain the absence, or lowered level, of stuttering for at least one year. Existing scientific outcome and experimental data support the use of this treatment for early stuttering. Research to date has shown that for preschool children participating in the program, stuttering is no longer present, or is present to only a very mild degree, after treatment, and that this outcome has been maintained in those children who have been monitored for a number of years. This clinician's guide is perfect for speech-language pathologists, speech therapists, and students of the profession who are interested in gaining knowledge on the method and implementation of the Lidcombe Program

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