LinguiSystems Articulation Test

LinguiSystems Articulation Test (LAT)

Linda Bowers and Rosemary Huisingh


· Ages: 3-8 Years

· Grades: PreK-3

· Testing Time: 15-20 minutes


Articulation tests don't need to be expensive to be good. The content of the LAT meets the versatile needs of SLPs:

·   Assess all of the consonant sounds and blends in every position at the word level

·   Assess stimulability for error sounds immediately after an incorrect production has been made

·   Identify students who need further testing for childhood apraxia of speech

·   High frequency, age-appropriate test items

·   Colourful, engaging illustrations

·   Compact format with multiple sounds assessed on a stimulus page

·   2010 standardisation with a strong nation-wide representation—you can be sure your students are represented in the sample population

·   Compare your student's intelligibility to their peers with 2010 norms



Speech disorders continue to be the most common of the communication disorders that public school speech-language pathologists serve. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, over 24% of the six million students served under IDEA Part B (U.S.A. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - Fall 2003) received services for speech or language disorders as their primary disability. 


The accurate diagnosis of a child's speech disorder allows the SLP to make the appropriate recommendations regarding the type and length of service. Accurate diagnosis leads to best practice therapy. 


A test of articulation skills should meet the following criteria:

·   Test all English consonants in all word positions and in blends

·   Identify the type and severity of speech sound disorders

·   Give direction on where to start therapy

·   Give an indication of overall intelligibility

·   Provide a method to determine if error sounds are stimulable  

·   Be an initial diagnostic tool as well as an assessment used during the course of therapy

·   Be easy to administer, score, and interpret

·   Be current, standardised, and backed by strong reliability and validity studies


Many children with articulation disorders have additional communication disabilities. The LAT will be an important part of the battery of tests administered to students at risk for communication disorders. 


COMPLETE LAT KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, Picture Stimuli Book, 20 Test Forms