Listening for Basic Concepts All Year 'Round

Ages 5-8 years

Teach concepts centered on exciting, seasonal themes.  The concepts are introduced and reinforced through heartwarming, humorous stories about Brennan Bear.  Children listen for the target concepts in the stories, story questions, and activity directions.  

The weekly activities keep your group buzzing with laughter and learning.  Most of the activities are ready to teach.  The activities and materials include:

  • creative stories
  • fun worksheets for following directions
  • materials and instructions for hands-on activities
  • monthly take home letters and activities
  • progress rechecks

A total of 86 concepts are taught in forty weekly lessons.  There are two activities in each lesson.  Some of the concept pairs/groups are:   

  • next to/away from
  • forward/backward
  • through/around
  • half/whole
  • most/fewest
  • row/first/next/last
  • several/some/many
  • beginning/middle/end
  • big/medium-sized/small

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