Making Sense of Interventions for Children with Developmental Disorders: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Caroline Bowen and Pamela Snow
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ISBN: 978-1-907826-32-0

Release Date: Early 2017

In this book, aimed at both parents and professionals, the authors discuss the non-evidence-based interventions that proliferate in the fields of children's speech, language, literacy, fluency, voice, communication, attention, cognition, working memory, behaviour and social connectedness. They explore the science - or lack thereof - behind the interventions and suggest evidence-based alternatives that enjoy stronger scientific support.

The authors approach their topic with a deep understanding of, and empathy for, the parents and professionals who are doubtful about conventional treatments, disappointed with the practitioners associated with them, and attracted to controversial interventions.

Written in lively, readable, plain English, Making Sense of Interventions for Children with Developmental Disorders - A Guide for Parents and Professionals provides:

  • Clear descriptions of each intervention and the populations to whom they are marketed;
  • Reasoned explanations of why the intervention should be approached with caution or rejected outright; and
  • Suggestions for interventions with proper scientific support, suitable for the children in question.


...This is a comprehensive guide to the evidence base for interventions for children with developmental disorders. It provides a clear summary of our clinical breadth of expertise. The chapters cover specific clinical areas and provide information SLTs do not always have the time to research in depth. Some interventions get more coverage than others, which reflects current research. It is also interspersed with diagrams and illustrations that help to make the content more accessible.

The book names and shames the interventions with no scientific evidence, but acknowledges the ones that 'show promise' but need to develop the level of evidence. The style of the book will be accessible to most parents as it presents the parent perspective eloquently; and it is helpful for SLTs to reflect on why some approaches may be attractive to parents. it advocates 'Information Literacy', with advice to help parents navigate the minefields of the internet and the marketplace.

This book will undoubtedly help SLTs and parents understand the evidence levels of the interventions that are currently available for a range of developmental disorders. there are regular updates on this title on Twitter: @txchoices.

The Bulletin, January 2018

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