Manual for the Videofluorographic Study of Swallowing–Second Edition

This edition provides the clinician with specific procedures for bedside and radiographic assessment of oro-pharyngeal swallow, as well as treatment for swallowing disorders. Treatment techniques are described for application and evaluation in the radiographic study, and sample protocols are provided for patients with particular swallowing disorders.

Techniques for measuring the patient's oropharyngeal swallowing function and the effects of treatment strategies are described. Sample reports are included, illustrating assessments of inpatients and outpatients, and more than 75 illustrations provide the clinician with visual references for normal swallow and various swallowing disorders. Application and modification of the radiographic study to special populations including children and individuals who are developmentally delayed, head injured, and spinal cord injured are described.

Contents include: Assessment of Need and Readiness for the Modified Barium Swallow, Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Physiology of the Oropharynx, Modified Barium Swallow Procedure, Variations in the Modified Barium Swallow Procedure, Radiographic Symptoms and Swallowing Disorders, Measurement of Swallow from Videofluorographic Studies, Decision Making During the Radiographic Study, Report and Recommendations and Sample Reports.