Mathematics Fluency and Calculation Tests (MFaCTs) - Complete Secondary Kit

Also Available is the Mathematics Fluency and Calculation Tests (MFaCTs) - Complete Elementary Kit

Ages: 11-0 through 18-11 (Grades 6-12)
Testing Time: 15 to 30 minutes
Administration: Individual or Group

  • Age norms and grade-level norms are both provided.
  • Measure change and track progress in Math calculation skills efficiently, accurately, and reliably.
  • Individual or Group administration—diagnostic assessments or perfect for RTI applications.
  • 3 equated forms for frequent retesting as needed with no practice effect!

With content derived from national curriculum standards and recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and also the National Research Council arm of the National Academy of Sciences, the Mathematics Fluency and Calculation Tests (MFaCTs) is a repeatable test of arithmetic calculation skills for ages 11 through 18 that consists of three unequivocally equated forms, each for assessing calculation and calculational fluency. The MFaCTs yields norm-referenced scores (both age-level and grade-level norms are given) with high reliability that provide accurate, meaningful measurement of fluency in the use of math skills in arithmetic calculation for individuals in Grades 6 through 12. It may be administered individually or in groups, large and small. The availability of three equated forms is particularly useful when tracking progress of individual students (or groups of students) and when response to intervention is being monitored.

Scores are set to the familiar achievement testing metric with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15. Percentile ranks and other score conversions (such as T-scores and z-scores) are available. The calculation test has separate Forms A, B, and C for Grades 6 -12, with 50 items each for the younger grades and 55 items each for the older grades.

The MFaCTs has three components. They include the following:

  • Examiner’s Manual. This component provides information about how to administer, score, and interpret the MFaCTs, as well as technical information (i.e., norms, reliability, and validity). 
  • Calculation: Grades 6-12. This Record Booklet contains calculation problems and space for the student to respond. It also provides space for the examiner to score the items; sum the raw scores; and record the raw scores, standard scores, and percentile ranks. There are three forms of this component: Form A, Form B, and Form C.
  • Examiner Summary Sheet. This component provides space for the examiner to record performance for all three forms of the test for both the Fluency and Calculation tests. .

Complete MFaCTs Secondary Kit includes: Examiner’s Manual; package of 25 each of: Grades 6-12 Calculation Forms A, Grades 6-12 Calculation Forms B, Grades 6-12 Calculation Forms C, and pad of 25 of Examiner Summary Forms (2015).

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