Test for Examining Expressive Morphology (TEEM)

Test for Examining Expressive Morphology (TEEM)

Kenneth G. Shipley, Terry A. Stone and Marlene B. Sue


·  Ages: 3 through 7 Years

·  Testing Time: 7 minutes

·  Administration: Individual


Test for Examining Expressive Morphology (TEEM) evaluates expressive morpheme development in children ages 3 through 7 years. It samples a variety of morphemes and allomorphic variations through the use of a sentence-complete format with accompanying pictures. A child's performance on individual items can be compared to the ages at which 75% and 90% of children master each item. In addition, each child's total score can be compared to the score ranges achieved by children tested in the sample.


The TEEM can be administered in just 7 minutes. Its 54 items assess variations of six major morphemes:

·   Present progressives

·   Plurals - /z/, /s/, / z/ irregular forms

·   Possessives - /z/, /s/, / z/

·   Past tenses - /d/, /t/ irregular forms

·   Third-person singulars - /z/, /s/, / z/

·   Derived adjectives - -er or irregular comparatives, -est or irregular superlatives


The manual features administration instructions and statistical information regarding validity and reliability.


COMPLETE TEEM KIT INCLUDES: Examiner's Manual, Picture Book, and 25 Scoring Forms.


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