Motor Speech Disorders

Designed to work in conjunction with graduate textbooks in motor speech disorders, this collection showcases the state of the art in motor speech disorders. Leading names in the field review the history, current practice and future trends, neural models, acoustics and measurement, speech technology, and treatment approaches. Chapters are carefully constructed and include key points, summaries, references, and supplemental reading.

  • CHAPTER 1:
    • The Shaping of a Field
      Gary Weismer
  • CHAPTER 2:
    • Motor Speech Disorders: History, Current Practice, Future Trends and Goals
      Joseph R. Duffy
  • CHAPTER 3:
    • Neural Perspectives on Motor Speech Disorders: Current Understanding
      Gary Weismer
  • CHAPTER 4:
    • Speech Breathing in Motor Speech Disorders
      Gary Weismer
  • CHAPTER 5:
    • Voice and Motor Speech Disorders: Technology, Data, Clinical Application
      Eugene H. Buder
  • CHAPTER 6:
    • Segmental Articulation in Motor Speech Disorders
      Kris Tjaden
  • CHAPTER 7:
    • The Role of Speech Perception in Motor Speech Disorders
      Julie M. Liss
  • CHAPTER 8:
    • Dysphagia in Patients with Motor Speech Disorders
      John C. Rosenbek and Harrison N. Jones
  • CHAPTER 9:
    • Interventions to Improve Intelligibility and Communicative Success for Speakers with Dysarthria
      Katherine C. Hustad and Gary Weismer
    • Edited by: Gary Weismer
      315 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Hardcover, 7 x 10"
      Release Date:
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