Music Therapy for Developmental Disabilities

Music Therapy for Developmental Disabilities

Second Edition


Music therapy is a fun, creative, and powerful means of using music functionally as a tool. It can assist individuals with developmental disabilities in changing their manner of functioning, establishing contact, maintaining a relationship, and stimulating their motivation to learn. This practitioner’s handbook is aimed at providing music therapists with a solid foundation for the practice, and its resources and methods. It presents an innovative approach to music as a therapeutic tool for persons in the five categories of developmental disabilities:

Intellectual Disability

l    Autism

Cerebral palsy


Other neurological impairments

Chapter Features:

Chapter 1: Overview of the music therapy field, including an account of its historical beginnings as a profession. Defines music therapy and lists the many kinds of settings in which it is practiced.

Chapter 2: Rationale for using music therapy as a primary treatment modality for persons with developmental disabilities

Chapter 3: Assesses music therapy and treatment-planning based on a holistic picture of the client

Chapter 4: Explains and experientially illustrates the three main music therapy strategies devised to stimulate and develop awareness

Chapter 5: Explains the nature of treatment as process within the context of A Continuum of Awareness

Chapter 6: Describes process-oriented treatments brought about through the application of specific music therapy strategies and techniques

Chapter 7: Offers valuable resources in assisting music therapists in carrying out the process of therapy


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