Neuro-Ophthalmology Problem Solving: A Practical and User-Friendly Guide

Jesse Halpern, Steven B. Flynn, and Scott Forman
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Details: 398 pages, Color Illustrations (4 Color), Softcover, 4.5 x 8"
Included Media: DVD
ISBN13: 978-1-59756-085-6
Release Date: 01/09/2008


Based on their extensive teaching experience, and written for both residents in training and practicing clinicians, this new book offers a simplified yet comprehensive approach to central neuro-ophthalmologic problems faced in everyday practice.

The text covers major clinical problems and defines an inclusive, yet relatively brief, list of causes that can produce each problem. The authors avoid the standard decision-tree approach and, instead, define an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn "best fit" approach. The patient's signs and symptoms are compared to those detailed for each of the possible causes for that particular major clinical problem.

Each of the chapters includes a list of "Key Concepts", the development of "An Approach To The Clinical Problem", a "Pointers And Pitfalls" section, a "Glossary"; and a "Summary Of Take Home Messages".

The book and an accompanying DVD provide a profusely illustrated experience via color photographs, black and white neuroimaging studies,visual field studies, and explanatory diagrams, and, over forty videos.


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