NEXT S.T.E.P. Complete Program

NEXT S.T.E.P. Complete Program

Student Transition and Educational Planning


Based on feedback from more than 250 teachers, this very successful curriculum has been extensively revised. The core purpose remains the same: helping students to make the transition from school to adult life smoothly and successfully. With a constant focus on self-determination, theNEXT S.T.E.P. (Student Transition and Educational Planning) curriculum helps students learn how to take charge of their own transition planning process. Students select and implement a variety of transition goals that relate to jobs, education and training, personal life, and living on their own. The ultimate goal of this curriculum is to help students assume responsibility for important life decisions with support from teachers and parents.

The curriculum works with all kinds of students and has been used successfully in both special and general education settings. Although designed primarily for high school students, the curriculum has also been used effectively in some middle-school and some post-high school settings.


NEXT S.T.E.P. contains 16 lessons with fully developed lesson plans PLUS scope and sequence for the lessons to increase student involvement. Enrichment activities and reduced paperwork increase student motivation as they develop their own Individualized Transition Plans. The manual, Teachers Talking to Teachers, contains useful suggestions from teachers who have used the NEXT S.T.E.P. curriculum successfully.


COMPLETE PROGRAM: Teacher Manual, 5 student workbooks, 50 brochures, an instructional videotape, and a copy of Teachers Talking to Teachers, all in a sturdy storage box. (© 2000)


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9266...NEXT S.T.E.P. Teacher’s Manual

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