No Glamour® Inferences

No-Glamour® Inferences

Ages 6-11 years

Administer the pre/post assessment to determine what your student understands about making inferences.  Then select the skill that best matches his ability level. Your students will work through steps to improve these inference skills:


What Will Happen Next?
Find a picture that best completes the sequence and explain why.  Describe the last step in a picture in the sequence.

What's Missing?
Find what's missing in object and people pictures and explain why the missing item is important.  Identify and explain what's missing in a picture sequence and tell what probably happened between the first and last picture sequence.

Picture Scene Inferences
Find the absurdities in pictures and explain what is wrong.  Use information in a picture to answer questions.

Object Inferences
Solve riddles with pictures based on the categories animals, transportation, appliance, furniture, clothing, and food.  Give as many answers as possible to riddles.  Combine clues and determine missing information to solve object riddles with and without pictures.

Agent Inferences
Decide who is being talked about based on clues and fill in missing information.  Picture clues gradually fade.

Location Inferences
Decide where something happened based on clues and fill in missing information. 

Feelings Inferences
Act out and guess emotions.  Infer feelings illustrated in pictures.  Decide how someone feels based on clues.  Fill in missing information to match the situations.  Match feeling words to sentences.

Making Predictions
Make predictions based on word clues

Cause and Effect Inferences
Determine the cause of a situation or event based on word clues

How Would You Know?
Tell how you know something based on word clues

Inferring From Idioms
Use context clues to determine idiom meanings based on animal and body part themes.  Rephrase idioms in sentences.

Inferring From Short Stories
Read short stories and answer four inference questions about each story.


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