No-Glamour Language Cards

No-Glamour Language Cards

Carolyn LoGiudice 

· Ages: 6 - 11 years

Benefits: These great cards offer you tons of flexibility for a variety of language therapy activities. The stimulus items tap everyday living situations for relevant language practice. 

Features: Cards within each skill area are sequenced according to the complexity of the language required to respond appropriately. You'll get 20 illustrated cards for each of these 10 language skill areas:

l asking/answering questions            l comparing/contrasting

l exclusion/negatives                          l grammar

l listening                                              l making inferences

l paraphrasing/retelling                       l problem solving

l semantics                                           l social communication 

CONTENTS: 200 illustrated cards with stimulus items on the back, 10 instruction cards 

05011...No-Glamour Language Cards

06016...No-Glamour Language Cards-Interactive Software
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