No-Glamour Language: Elementary

No-Glamour Language: Elementary

LinguiSystems Staff


· Ages: 5 - 12 years

Benefits: You'll use this book like you would the Yellow Pages ... over and over again until it's all worn out! That's because it's a comprehensive, BIG book of all the language activities you need to help your students succeed!

Features: With 18 sections containing 14-20 pages of activities each, No-Glamour Language has it all including:

l comparing and contrasting             l antonyms and synonyms

l following directions                           l sequencing

l cause and effect                               l multiple meanings

l idioms and analogies                       l stating reasons and opinions

l paraphrasing and summarising


368 pages, answer key

01658...No-Glamour Language: Elementary Book
02658...No-Glamour Language: Elementary CD


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