No Glamour Listening Comprehension

No-Glamour Listening Comprehension

Ages 4-9 years

There are more than 800 high-interest stories in the book. Students listen to a story and answer questions about it.  The story complexity and question complexity increase gradually and simultaneously.  The stories are divided into these difficulty levels:

  • 1-sentence stories
  • 2-sentence stories
  • 3-4 sentence stories
  • 4+ sentence stories

Each difficulty level begins with picture-supported stories and progresses to stories without pictures.  The questions prepare students for active classroom listening tasks and support reading comprehension skills.  Extensive practice exercises at each level help students master the target skills.

No-Glamour Listening Comprehension includes these time-savers:

  • pretest/posttest
  • suggested IEP objectives
  • reproducible log form for single-question tasks
  • answer key

Copyright © 2006

264 pages, pretest/posttest, answer key
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