No Glamour® Question Structure Wh-Questions

No-Glamour® Question Structure Wh-Questions
Ages 7-Adult

There are six units:

  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • What
  • Why
  • How

Each unit follows this teaching hierarchy:

Target Questions and Modeling Script
Twenty target questions are listed in a hierarchy of difficulty.  A modeling script provides an example of metacognitive strategy teaching you can use with every question in that unit. The script changes as the wh- question type changes.

Picture Worksheets
Two picture sequences are presented for each target question.  The first picture sequence presents a statement.  The second picture sequence elicits a question about the previous statement.  Each picture sequence begins with a large question mark that contains the wh- question word to help students visualize the word order of the question.  Nouns and pronouns are used throughout the program.

Unit Review Sheets
A four-page review is provided at the end of each unit.  Students generate questions using the target question form while looking at pictures.

A Wrap-up section at the end of the book presents ten new stimulus pictures.  Beneath each picture, four initial wh- question words are presented.  Students formulate novel whquestions while looking at the pictures.  Use this unit to assess oral and/or written question-asking skills and as a natural transition to question formulation using picture scenes from other sources.


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