Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists

Barbara Ann Johnson-Root
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Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists guides speech-language pathologists and students of speech-language pathology through the process of strategically inspecting the oral-facial region for structural and functional integrity. This manual applies principles of evidence-based practice throughout and includes a cogent review of relevant anatomy and physiology, instructions for both routine and discretionary inspection procedures, detailed clinical implications for a large number of structural and functional patterns, strategies for organizing and writing appropriate report sections, as well as implications that potentially impact plan of care.

In addition to explicit guidelines that prepare examiners to purposefully and competently perform oral-facial inspections from a generalist perspective, this manual offers detailed adaptations that facilitate evidence gathering for selected special-needs populations. These include children in birth-to-5 age groups, individuals with social and cognitive challenges, persons with sensory limitations, and older adults.

A stand-alone, comprehensive resource, this manual lends itself to both professional practice and clinical teaching, while promoting a rigorous, evidence-based model for oral-facial inspection practices within the profession of speech-language pathology. Furthermore, this manual is useful for improving efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of practice across the discipline, from novice clinician to seasoned practitioner.

Key features include:

  • Companion website with narrated videos that demonstrate adult and child oral-facial inspections that correspond to the manual procedures
  • Copy-ready response form for general use as well as separate copy-ready response forms for six select populations (i.e., preverbal children, children with limited language, preschoolers, adults with a history of neurologic episodes, and preoperative and postoperative laryngectomees)
  • Sixty-eight black and white illustrations
  • Thorough glossary of terms
  • Spiral, lay-flat binding suitable for frequent clinical use
  • Foreword written by Dr. Raymond D. Kent


Details: 480 pages, Color Illustrations (2 Color), Softcover, 8.5 x 11"
Included Media: Companion Website
Illustrations: 68
ISBN13: 978-1-59756-575-2
Release Date: 13/07/2015
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