PCI Reading Program Levels 1, 2 & 3 COMBO

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TARGET GROUP: Nonreaders age 5 to Adult

The PCI Reading Program is a research-based curriculum created specifically to teach students with developmental disabilities, autism, and significant learning disabilities how to read. Levels One and Two teach 280 sight words and "real-world" nouns and verbs through a comprehensive system of repetition, "hands-on" practice, controlled-vocabulary reading, and high-interest activities. Nonreaders become successful readers word by word, reading 42 engaging, full-color books along the way. Level Three serves as a bridge between the whole-word visual discrimination approach in Levels One and Two and the decoding required of independent readers. To promote student success, instruction is carefully scaffolded to introduce students to the process of decoding by unveiling sounds that are embedded within the sight words they already know how to read. Comprehension skills, including setting, main idea, and cause and effect, were selected based on an analysis of the types of questions on alternative state assessments.


 Level One is designed as a one-on-one program and takes at least one full school year to complete. In Level One, students learn 140 of the most basic sight words from the Dolch and Fry lists. Students progress from reading individual words to 8–12 word sentences. Level One includes 28 books, ranging in length from 8 to 12 pages. By the end of Level One, nonreaders will have progressed to approximately a 1.0 reading level.

PCI Reading Program Level One Print Highlights

  • Research-Based with a Research Summary Available
  • Teaches 140 Sight Words and "Real-World" Words
  • Includes 28 Full-Color Controlled Vocabulary Books
  • Takes Nonreaders to a 1.0 Reading Level
  • Features the Five-Step Lesson Cycle
  • Every Word Practiced and Reviewed Over 100 Times

Level Two is designed as the next step for students who have completed Level One. It teaches 140 additional sight words and "real-world" nouns and verbs, advancing students from a 1.0 reading level to a 2.0–2.5 reading level. While Level Two's focus is still on teaching words through visual discrimination, it also introduces students to wrapped text, common inflectional endings, such as -s, -ing, and -ed, and compound words. Level Two teaches the words in groups of ten rather than five.

PCI Reading Program Level Two Print Highlights

  • Skill Discovery Lessons Book
  • 4 Word Windows and 40 Word Strips
  • Teaches 140 Additional Sight Words "Real-World" Nouns and Verbs
  • Features 14 Controlled Vocabulary Books with 1–3 Paragraphs per Page
  • Takes Beginning Readers from a 1.0 Reading Level to a 2.5 Reading Level
  • Introduces New Skills, Including Wrapped Text, Inflectional Endings, and Compound Words

Level Three is designed to move students toward reading independence by using the words taught in Levels One and Two as exemplars for teaching 23 onsets and 20 word families. Students learn the basics of word analysis, word building, and decoding in a uniquely scaffolded introduction to phonics that expands the success-based, controlled-vocabulary approach from Levels One and Two. In addition, Level Three introduces students to the new genres of nonfiction and poetry and seamlessly integrates comprehension, writing, and fluency skills into the lesson cycle. (Shipping March 2011.)

PCI Reading Program Level Three Print Highlights

  • Magnet Board and 363 Magnets for Building Words
  • 20 Books Alternate Between Nonfiction and Fiction
  • Letter/Sound Correspondence Lessons Book
  • Core Instruction Guide
  • Introduces students to the new genres of nonfiction and poetry.
  • Integrates comprehension, writing, and fluency skills into the lesson cycle.

Level One Print Components: Scripted Lessons, 28 Books, 5 Student Workbooks, Activity Sheets E-Book, Read-Aloud Pages, Word Building Lessons CD, 140 Word Cards, 100 Picture Cards, 105 Matching Text and Scene Cards, 2 Game Mats, Comprehensive Test, 28 Posttests, Supplemental Building Reading Skills E-Book, Checklists and Progress Charts

Level Two Print Components: Scripted Lessons, 14 Books, 5 Student Workbooks, Activity Sheets, Read-Aloud Pages, Word Building Lessons CD, 4 Word Windows, 40 Word Strips, 280 Word Cards, 100 Picture Cards, 140 Matching Text and Scene Cards, 2 Game Mats, Review Stories Book, Comprehensive Test, 14 Posttests, Skill Discovery Lessons Book, Plastic Card Tray, Plastic Viewer, Supplemental Building Reading Skills Binder, Checklists and Progress Charts

Level 3 Print Components: 20 Books (10 Nonfiction & 10 Fiction), Core Instruction Guide with 20 Units, 20 Fluency Lessons, 23 Letter-Sound Correspondence Lessons, 10 Phonemic Awareness Lessons, 5 Write and Read Workbooks, Read-Aloud Book, Activity Sheets, Assessments Binder, 20 Unit Tests, 12 Review Poems, 363 Magnets, Magnet Board, 125 Picture Cards, 50 Matching Text and Scene Cards, Match on the Mat Board, 20 Word Windows