Phonological Awareness Cards

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Each card has three colourful pictures. The stimulus items are printed clearly for you on the back with the answers provided. Make Phonological Awareness Cards your number one therapy resource and watch reading skills soar!

Ages: 4-9
Grades: PreK-4

This is a complete PA program in a box! Teach seven skill areas with 210 cards. Each card has three pictures on the front and a hierarchy of stimulus items on the back.

The cards are organized into seven phonological awareness skill areas:

  • Rhyming—identify words that sound alike or rhyme
  • Syllable Identification—identify the number of syllables in a word
  • Syllable and Sound Blending—blend sounds or syllables into a word after they are given separately
  • Initial Alliteration—identify the beginning sound in a word
  • Final Alliteration—identify the last sound in a word
  • Phoneme Isolation—identify whether a given sound occurs at the beginning, middle, or end of a word
  • Sound Deletion and Substitution—delete a given sound from a word and say the new word or syllable; replace a specified sound in a word and say the new word

Use the cards:

  • for drills
  • with board games
  • in small groups
  • in conjunction with classroom reading activities
  • to supplement literacy and spelling