Phonological Awareness Profile

Phonological Awareness Profile

Carolyn Robertson and Wanda Salter


Ages: 5-8 Years

Grades: K-3

Testing Time: 10-20 minutes


The Phonological Awareness Profile is an individually-administered, criterion-referenced test designed to diagnose deficits in phonological processing and phoneme/grapheme correspondence. 


The short administration time works well for frequent progress monitoring within the RTI framework and for screening children who might be at risk for reading difficulties. Test results provide information for instruction and direction for remediation activities in The Phonological Awareness Kit Primary (sold separately).



Six tasks help determine the student's phonological awareness: Rhyming, Segmentation, Isolation, Deletion, Substitution, and Blending. Three additional tasks assess knowledge of phoneme/grapheme correspondence: Graphemes, Decoding, and Invented Spelling.



  • Rhyming Words - The student identifies word pairs that rhyme.
  • Segmentation - The student segments words in sentences, words in compound words (e.g., snowball), syllables in words, and sounds in words.
  • Isolation - The student identifies the beginning, final, and middle sounds in words.
  • Deletion - The student repeats words while omitting syllables and phonemes.
  • Substitution - The student must distinguish sounds in words and change sounds in words with and without the use of different coloured blocks.
  • Blending - The student listens to a series of individual sounds and syllables and blends them into a word.
  • Graphemes - The student looks at a printed letter and says its sound.
  • Decoding - The student decodes some made-up words.
  • Invented Spelling - The student spells words as the examiner says them. This supplemental subtest may be administered in a group setting.


COMPLETE PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS PROFILE KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, 117 Letter Cards, 15 Profile Forms

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