Phonological Awareness Skills Program (Formerly the Green Readiness Book)

Phonological Awareness Skills Program (Formerly the Green Readiness Book)The Phonological Awareness Skills Program (PASP) assesses and teaches the fundamental analysis and organization abilities that enable children to make sense out of reading and spelling. PASP is an updated and expanded version of the auditory skills component (Green Book) of PREP (which focused on analysis skills; PASP addresses analysis and organization skills). PASP is intended for use by speech pathologists, remedial reading specialists, and teachers who work with pre-kindergarten through elementary school-aged children with LD, ADD, or dyslexia, individually or in groups.

PASP consists of two components: the Test, which enables you to identify and determine the performance (instructional) level of those children who lack adequate phonological awareness skills; and the Curriculum, which provides methods for training those skills. The Curriculum is divided into two major sections: activities to improve phonological analysis and organization skills and activities to teach the words (verbal organizers) that support this process. Many of the activities are accompanied by worksheets that may be given to parents for supplemental use at home.

TARGET GROUP: School-age children with LD, ADD, or dyslexia

COMPLETE PROGRAM: Curriculum Manual, Instrument Manual, Instrument Record Forms (25), all in a sturdy storage box.

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