Phonological Remediation Targets

Phonological Remediation Targets

Words and Primary Pictures for Highly Unintelligible Children

Carol Buteau and Barbara Hodson 

This booklet contains 75 word lists (12 words per list) encompassing every phonological pattern that has been targeted by more than 200 highly unintelligible clients between the ages of 2 and 14 years. In addition, 73 pictures (line drawings that can be copied) are provided for words that have been used most frequently and most effectively in phonological remediation sessions. 

The booklet also includes basic information about phonological remediation, suggestions for motivational experiential-play activities, and an example of a remediation session. Contents include Syllables, Final Consonants (Voiceless Final Stops), Posterior Consonants (Velars), /s/-Clusters, Liquids, Word-initial Singleton Consonants, Other Singleton Consonants, Voicing Contrasts & Vowel Contrasts, Voiceless Anterior Singleton Stridents, Voiceless Palatal Stridents, Word-initial Voiced Stridents, Glide Clusters, Word-medial Liquids, Other Liquid Clusters, Word-initial & Word-medial Consonant Sequences (Two Elements), Word-initial & Word-medial Consonant Sequences (Three/Four Elements), Multisyllabicity, and more.


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