Play and Say

Play and Say

TARGET GROUP: Preschool through adults 

Play and Say–Second Edition consists of 16 decks of bright, full-color playing cards, each of which carries a frequently misarticulated speech sound. Play and Say–Second Edition is designed for use by speech-­language pathologists and teachers of those with hearing impairments, as well as by classroom teachers and parents. The card decks and activities assist in developing awareness of speech sounds (in context), correct production of speech sounds, and use of appropriate language in daily activities. Also, you can use them to facilitate generalization of targeted skills into everyday activities.

New in the second edition:

  • Phonetic alphabet symbols now appear in a special color at the bottom of each card for quick reference, sorting, and matching
  • Brighter, more engaging artwork
  • More ethnic/gender diversity among the characters on the cards
  • New card colors allow you to easily distinguish old decks from new
  • Difficult or outdated words have been replaced with words that today's students can recognize more easily
  • Artwork has been redrawn to reflect contemporary views

Of course, Play and Say still features:

  • Bright, full-color illustrations of familiar objects
  • 16 decks of cards, each containing 12 matched pairs (24 cards) of the most frequently misarticulated speech sounds
  • Color cues on words for the speech sound being presented
  • Sounds in each deck shown in the initial, medial, and final positions
  • Easy-to-understand instructions for games and activities
  • Relevance to individuals and groups of all ages and abilities

COMPLETE PROGRAM: One each of all 16 card decks, 384 full-color cards, instructions and directions for games and activities, Individual plastic envelopes for each deck, and storage box for all 16 decks