Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI)

Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI)

James E. Gilliam and Lynda Miller


· Ages: 5-0 through 12-11 Years

· Testing Time: 5-10 minutes

· Administration: Individual


The Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory (PLSI) is an easy-to-use, norm-referenced rating scale designed to assess children's pragmatic language abilities. Its 45 items can be administered in only 5-10 minutes. The PLSI has three subscales:

·   Personal Interaction Skills, assesses initiating conversation, asking for help, participating in verbal games, and using appropriate nonverbal communicative gestures.

·   Social Interaction Skills, assesses knowing when to talk and when to listen, understanding classroom rules, taking turns in conversations, and predicting consequences for one's behaviour.

·   Classroom Interaction Skills, assesses using figurative language, maintaining a topic during conversation, explaining how things work, writing a good story, and using slang appropriately.


Cut-off scores are provided for determining whether the student exhibits characteristics of a pragmatic language disorder and should be referred for a more comprehensive language assessment. Guidelines are provided to assist the examiner in interpreting the results. Reliability and validity ratings are exceptionally strong and support the use of the PLSI as a diagnostic instrument. Teachers, early interventionists, and other professionals will find this test useful and thorough. Identify students who have a disorder, document progress in ability, collect data for research, and target pragmatic language goals all with this succinct test, user-friendly test.


COMPLETE PLSI KIT INCLUDES: Examiner's Manual and 25 Summary/Response Forms, all in a sturdy storage box.


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