Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Concepts

Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Concepts

The full-color illustrations reflect the experiences of preschoolers and the vocabulary reflects words they hear every day.  The durable, large-size cards are perfect for little hands. 

Eight categories of age-appropriate, high-frequency concepts are presented:

  • attributes (e.g., loud, quiet, old, young)
  • colors, shapes, and numbers (e.g., yellow, square, numbers 1 through 5)
  • emotions and feelings (e.g., happy, sad, surprised)
  • functional and social (e.g., no, yes, mine)
  • position (e.g., inside, outside, under, over)
  • quantity (e.g., empty, some, many)
  • size (e.g., big, bigger, biggest)
  • temporal (e.g., night, day, before, after)

The set includes 240 cards and gives you lots of flexible stimuli to:  

  • expand receptive and expressive vocabulary
  • develop descriptive language
  • improve auditory comprehension
  • teach pronouns, verb tense, and plurals
  • increase length of utterances
  • develop question asking and answering
  • improve thinking and reasoning

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240 3½" x 5" coated cards
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