Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Nouns

Preschool Vocabulary Cards: Nouns

Endearing, simple, and colorful pictures reflect the experiences of young children and the vocabulary reflects words they hear everyday.  The durable, large-size cards are perfect for little hands.  

Teach 240 high-frequency, age-appropriate nouns from eight categories:

  • animals (e.g., fish, rabbit, tiger)
  • body parts (e.g., hand, nose, tooth)
  • clothing and accessories (e.g., coat, jeans, sweater)
  • everyday items (e.g., chair, grass, sink)
  • food and drinks (e.g., crackers, ketchup, sandwich) 
  • people (e.g., baby, girl, grandpa)
  • toys and games (e.g., play dough, puzzle, swing)
  • transportation (e.g., bus, car, train)

The cards can be used for a variety of therapy needs:

  • build receptive and expressive vocabulary
  • teach associations within and among categories
  • develop descriptive language
  • generate grammatical sentences


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240 3 ½" x 5" coated cards
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