Quick Reference to Physical Therapy

Quick Reference to Physical Therapy

Second Edition

Julie A. Pauls and Kathlyn L. Reed


Quick Reference to Physical Therapy organises and synthesises published material that relates to the practice of physical therapy. This material is presented in an easy-to-use, accessible format. The new edition continues to offer easy access to information you need to prevent or treat impairments, disabilities, or other changes in health status due to disease or injury.

New topics, such as the treatment of vestibular dysfunction, have been added to the second edition. Also, two major changes reflect new practices in the physical therapy field: the inclusion of preferred practice patterns recommended in the APTA's Guide to Physical Therapy Practice and the discussion of tools that promote evidenced based medicine.

The book is divided into major categories and subtopics based on the classification of diseases, disorders, and dysfunctions found in the Merck Manual. Each subtopic summarises the condition, etiology, assessment, problems, treatment/management, prognosis, and outcome. Supplemental materials on tests, measurements, functional outcomes, guidelines for the use of modalities, references, and suggested readings are also included.


709 pgs, 2003, softcover ISBN 0-89079-961-X

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