RAN/RAS Complete Test

Maryanne Wolf and Martha Bridge Denckla
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Maryanne Wolf and Martha Bridge Denckla

.Ages: 5-0 through 18-11
Testing Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Administration: Individual


Features of the tests:

  • Identifies students who may be at risk for reading failure
  • Is quick to administer and easy to score
  • Converts raw scores to percentiles, standard scores, and age and grade equivalents
  • Is both valid and reliable for its state purpose
  • Is appropriate for use with kindergarten students through high school students

The RAN and RAS Tests are considered to be the "gold standard" of naming tests. These tests reflect three decades of clinical evidence and research across all parts of the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, Asia, and Australia that have examined the relation between processing speed and reading. This wealth of research evidence added to the fact that the tests are simple, fun, and quick to administer (i.e., five to ten minutes for all six tests) make tests an important addition to any prediction battery or diagnostic assessment of oral and written language from age five to adulthood.

The RAN and RAS Tests are individually administered measures designed to estimate an individual's ability to recognize a visual symbol such as a letter or color and name it accurately and rapidly. The tests consist of rapid automatized naming tests (Letters, Numbers, Colors, Objects) and two rapid alternating stimulus tests (2-Set Letters and Numbers, and 3-Set Letters, Numbers and Colors). The Letters, Numbers, Colors, and Objects tests are comprised of five high-frequency stimuli that are randomly repeated ten times in an array of five rows for a total of fifty stimulus items. The 2-Set Letters and Numbers and 3-Set Letters, Numbers, and Colors tests are comprised of 10 and 15, respectively, high-frequency stimuli that are randomly repeated in an array of five rows for a total of fifty stimulus items. On all tests, the examinee is asked to name each stimulus item as quickly as possible without making any mistakes. Scores are based on the amount of time required to name all of the stimulus items on each test.

The tests were normed on 1,461 individuals in 26 states; these norms are suitable for individuals from ages 5-0 through 18-11. The group of six tests usually take about five to ten minutes to administer, depending on the age, language status (first or second language), and reading abilities of the child. This includes time for directions and practice items per test.

COMPLETE RAN/RAS KIT INCLUDES: Examiner's Manual, 50 Examiner Record Forms, and a set of 6 Card Packs, all in a sturdy storage box. (©2005)

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