Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia (RCBA-2)

Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia (RCBA-2)


Use the RCBA-2 to reveal the severity and the quality of acquired reading problems in people (preadolescent to geriatric) who have had brain injury. This systematic evaluation is individually administered in 30 minutes and lets you: measure the nature and degree of reading impairments, measure reading comprehension, and guide the direction and focus of therapy.


You’ll find the RCBA­2 appropriate for use with pre-adolescent through geriatric clients-anyone with an acquired reading disability who previously had attained reading literacy. This test is the first acquired dyslexia reading test developed specifically for acquired reading problems. It’s also the original reading test designed to discover reading problems that accompany or are a part of aphasia.


In addition, the RCBA-2 is designed to help you target treatment more effectively. You can administer and score the test quickly and easily. You¹ll enjoy the utility of the new easel-back stimulus books, and the updated art will hold patients’ interest.


The new supplemental material in this second edition consists of seven additional subtests which measure the different varieties of acquired dyslexia. While the original RCBA measures silent-reading comprehension, the new material measures oral-reading comprehension. Use the subtests at your discretion. Give the patient all seven or just one, according to need and available time.


COMPLETE RCBA-2 KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, Supplementary Picture Book, and 25 Profile/Summary Record Forms, all in a sturdy storage box. (1998)


8495...RCBA-2 Complete Kit
8496...RCBA-2 Examiner’s Manual
8497...RCBA-2 Picture Book
8498...RCBA-2 Supplementary Picture Book

8499...RCBA-2 Profile/Summary Record Forms (25)

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