Reading Milestones-Fourth Edition, Level 1 (Red) Teacher's Guide

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Reading Milestones is the most popular reading program of its kind. This successful alternative, language-controlled program is designed to take readers to approximately a fifth grade reading level. It is especially effective for students with hearing impairments and language delays and is also widely used with others who have special language and reading needs, including individuals with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and English Language Learners (ELL).

The Teacher's Guide provides a foundation for lesson development, focusing on concepts, vocabulary, and linguistic structures emphasized within each story. It describes an interactive process of steps to guide students in the acquisition of information through print. The format for the guide includes instructional steps for the development of linguistic comprehension (vocabulary and syntax) and reading fluency.

For each story, the Teacher's Guide includes the following:

  • specific activities for developing and activating prior knowledge
  • the presentation of new concepts and vocabulary words
  • activities for establishing the purpose for reading
  • post reading activities, including activities for developing an understanding of story structure, skills in phonological awareness, fluency, and story retelling

Literature activities are included to assist the teacher in integrating classic themes and selected stories into the reading and language curriculum to present a balanced instructional perspective. Instructional guidelines for Workbook activities for each story are also included in the Teacher's Guides, with specific activities for vocabulary practice, linguistic structures, story structures, and related skills. As the lessons progress, the guide provides the teacher with strategies for discussing Workbook activities that focus on metacognitive skills. Valuable resource and reference information for well-grounded instructional decision making and problem solving is interwoven into the lessons.

The Teacher's Guide has been revised to include extensive information on recent research and best practices in reading. Strategies have been expanded and reformatted for clarity. Several useful appendixes have been added.


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