SB5 Complete Test Kit with Interpretive Manual and Online Scoring and Report System COMBO

Gale H. Roid
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Gale H. Roid

Ages: 2 to 85+ years
Times: Approximately 5 minutes for each of 10 subtests
Administration: Individual


The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales–Fifth Edition (SB5) have been widely known as the standard for intelligence measurement since 1916. This collection of 10 subtests, providing Nonverbal, Verbal, and Full Scale IQ scores and other diagnostic indexes, offers highly reliable assessment of intellectual and cognitive abilities, based on a large normative sample of 4,800 individuals, ages 2 to 85+. Under the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education and Improvement Act (IDEIA, 2004), the SB5 provides a comprehensive profile of scores to document the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of children, adolescents, and adults with learning difficulties, delays, and disabilities.


COMPLETE SB5 KIT INCLUDES: Examiner's Manual, Technical Manual, Interpretive Manual, Item Book 1 (Routing Subtest), Item Book 2 (Nonverbal Subtest), Item Book 3 (Verbal Subtest), 25 Record Forms, and Manipulatives, all in a sturdy canvas carrying case. (©2003)


PC, Mac, and tablet-compatible scoring software for the Stanford-Binet!

The PC, Mac, and tablet-compatible Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales–Fifth Edition (SB5) Online Scoring and Report System replicates the process of hand-scoringusers enter background information, age, and raw scores. This program provides consistency in raw score conversion, a standard summary graphical report, a detailed, narrative summary report with guidelines and suggestions based on well-established principles of assessment, and a general report describing the IQ and Factor scores. The report can be generated as a PDF or MS Word document for editing as necessary.

Ordering options:

    • SB5 Online Scoring and Report System first-time base subscription provides one-year unlimited online scoring and report access for up to 5 users (includes 5 licenses).
    • Annual base subscription renewal provides one-year unlimited online scoring and report access for up to 5 users (includes 5 license renewals).
    • Add-on license provides access for up to 5 additional users (includes 5 licenses). Add-on user license can only be purchased with a base subscription.

System requirements:

      • Internet connection (broadband recommended)
      • PC, Mac desktop or laptop computer or tablet.
      • Web Browser with support for HTML5 (minimum acceptable versions include: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Firefox 24 or higher, Safari 6.0 or higher, Google Chrome 34 or higher; Opera 22 or higher.
      • Must enable Javascript.



 Download these helpful files:


Purchasers are provided unique URLs via e-mail, to unlock five SB5 Online Scoring and Report System licenses.

Please allow 4-5 business days for delivery.


      • SB5 Complete Test Kit & Interpretive Manual
      • SB5 Online Scoring and Report System (includes 5 licenses)

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